Friday, June 18, 2010

Grand Walkthrough Part 2

Super Power: Go in the Masks and Costumes Shop. Talk to the guy and get your Super Hero ID. Go out, go left and talk to the lady. Get the Super Powered Handcuffs. Talk to the guy with the mustache. Get the Villain Profiles. Copy Cat: Go to the Downtown Bank and talk to Copy Cat. She will drop the smoker and run away in duplicates. Whenever you see a duplicate run over it to make it disappear. There are duplicates on the lights, ground and up the elevator (press the buttons to work the elevator). Speeding Spike: Get on the subway. Run right until you see Speeding Spike. When he runs toward you jump left. Repeat the process until you get to the puddle. Jump left and Speeding Spike will slip on the puddle. Sir Rebral: Go to the park. Get a Hot Dog from the Hot Dog Stand. When the rock flies toward you, jump high and it will hit Sir Rebral. Now go and push the rock near the bathroom to the bench. The ground should pop up and the rock will hit Sir Rebral. Crusher: Go to the Junkyard. Jump on top of the Magnet Control tower. Switch the Magnet to off. The Refrigerator Should fall on Crusher. Then Crusher throws the refrigerator at you. Go on top of the Magnet Control tower again (avoid the oil cans that Crusher throws at you). Switch the Magnet to on and Crusher should get squished. Ratman: Go in the bathroom and go in the opened sewer. Press the red wheel, go left and jump onto the platform. Enter the door. Go up, avoid the rats and turn the red wheel. Go and get Ratman (avoid the flies). Betty Jetty: Go downtown (you have to do Betty Jetty last). The phone should ring. Click on it. You can fly! Fly up to the skyscraper top. Fly up. Avoid the Bombs Betty Jetty Throws at you. Get close to Betty Jetty and send her down. Go into the Comic Shop. Trade Ned Noodlehead the Hot Dog and get your Medallion! +100 credits. Spy: Go into the HQ. Get the Translator from Director D. Go in the Eye wear Store and take a Eye Exam. Click the opposite direction of each arrow he shows you. Go outside and enter the second floor of the Eye Exam Store. Talk to the guy and get the Chameleon Suit. Put it on and go to the docks. Go up, don't let the guards see you and go into the door. When the dogs come by, don't let them see you. Get past Fang, Slasher and Fluffy. Go in the Safe and untie the guy. Get the Laser Pen and the Satellite Clue 1. Go to the Bad Bistro and apply for the job. Get the Fingerprint Glass from the B.A.D. boss. Go in the kitchen, sneak out by jumping through the secret passage at the ceiling. Go to Toupee Terrace. Go on top of the house (avoid the electricity lights) and cut through the bars by using the Laser Pen. Untie the guy, get the Grappling Bowtie and the Satellite Clue 2. Go to Balding Avenue and grapple on to the Rooftop. Go up and grapple on the left platform. Grapple onto the left platform again and grapple on to the top of the radio tower. Grapple to the Other Radio Tower and go in the Plant House. Go right, click on the Cherry Bomb and push it on the flower. Push it off the edge of the platform, jump on the platform below and push it on the flower. Jump on the highest platform and push the bomb toward the cage. Wait for the Bomb to explode then talk to the lady. Get the Laser Goggles and the Satellite Clue 3. Go to the Control Center and put on the Goggles go up and use the Fingerprint Cup to get in. Go and click on the teleporter controls. The Security System will go off. Director D will lift the cage up. Click on the teleporter controls and type these passwords in order: 1, LASER. 2, HAIR. 3, REMOVAL. The teleporter will turn on. go in the teleporter and Go near the Electrical Things to kill the ship. Do it 4 times. Then, make the ship crash to the ceiling 4 times and get your Medallion! +100 credits. This is the end of Part 2.

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