Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grand Walkthrough Part 1

This walkthrough is all the poptropica islands walkthrough in 5 posts! Early Poptropica: First, go in the well in Early Poptropica. Get the Glow Stick. Go in the Dark Room and Find the Golden Egg. Go up to the Rooftop Restaurant. Go up the vine and get the Golden Egg. Go right and get the Water Bucket. Go right again and get the jetpack Go left and fly over the shovel and go in the hole. Get The Flag and go down in the sewer. Get the Pig (at the bottom of the Room) and go to Early Poptropica. Go right and give the Pig, Water Bucket, and Flag to the pixelated people. Go right and get your Medallion +100 credits! Shark Tooth: First get the Carbonated Coconut Milk from the guy with the guitar. Then go to the Ancient Ruins and push the block next to the vine. Climb up the vine and let go pushing left. Get the translation key and go in the ruins. Go left(avoid bats) and go to the thing with teeth with hieroglyphs on them. Spell "Open" with the hieroglyphs. Go left, and jump on the statue(avoid the giant caterpillar). Go left and go through the passage and get the Old Bone. Jump on the statue again and jump on the moving platform. Jump on another moving platform (don't fall and get hit by the spikes) and go left. Get the Key ingredient and go up. Go to Booga Bay and get a Grass Skirt. Put on the Grass Skirt and go left. Push the Block over to the vine and climb all the way up the vine and go up. Talk to the Medicine Man (if you don't have a Grass Skirt he won't talk to you) and he'll give you the Sleeping Potion. Go to Booga Bay and launch the Sleeping Potion. Go Left and lead the people Back To the Mainland and get your Medallion! +100 credits. Time Tangled: Go in Pendulum's Lab Go Down And push the generator until it turns on. Jump up and go in the future machine. Talk to the guy, and he'll give you a Time Traveler. Okay this Part is tricky. Pretend I have a Clock. Going Clockwise, each Time Period is a number on the clock. So we're going to start with 1 (Lab is 0 and there is no 12). Go on top of the tall building where the two guards are standing under it. Get the Phonograph (Return to 10). 2: Go to 5 and get gunpowder. Use the Gunpowder to Break open the blocked cave. Go through the cave and get the Gold Vase (Return to 1). 3: Go right (avoid the Cobras) and go in the building. Talk to the Guy with the Scroll In his hand and solve the jigsaw puzzle. Get the Declaration of Independence Rough Draft (Return to 8). 4: Go up. Jump on the platforms tied to string. to get the lower one under the Peace Medal . Jump on the lower platform and get the Peace Medal (Return to 9). 5: Go right. Talk to the Old Man. Put on the Headdress. Talk to the guy with the Goggles on. Get the Goggles (Return to 11). 6: Talk to the guy with the Amulet. Do the Memory game, then he'll give you the Amulet (Return to 2). 7: Go On top of the building and get the Salt Rocks (Return to 3). 8: Jump on the skinny tree get the bowl on top of the gopher's head (Return to 6). 9: Click on the bike's motor. When the bike goes all the way over to the tree, jump on the tree. Jump on top of the tree and jump on top of the building. Jump on the chimney and get the Sun Stone (Return to 5). 10: Jump on top of the construction. Jump to the left and get the Notebook (Return to 4). 11: Go up Mount Everest give the climber his Goggles,and go up. Go up again and get the Statue of Liberty Model. Go back to the lad and go in the Future Machine. Go all the way up and go down the tube. Go to the right and talk to the Old Man and get your Medallion! +100 credits. 24 Carrot: Go left. Go on top of the old house and go through the chimney. Get the Bowl and exit. Go to the 24 Carrot Diner ad ask the lady to fill the Bowl with Milk. Go left and enter the old house. Go up, turn the shower on and chase the cat downstairs. Let it Drink the Milk and Exit. Go right and enter the Charlie's Supplies. Give the cat to the lady and she'll give you a crowbar. Go left, jump on the building and get the Vent Blueprint (its a Blue Scroll). Go left, Pry open the sewer with the crowbar and go inside. Go right and get the Carrot Transporter. Go up and go over the moving platforms when there in normal position. Go up, avoid the rat, go left and up. Turn the Engine on by pushing the buttons to when they light up. If you do it, the whole place should light up. Go on top of the highest platform you can reach. Jump on the Moving Magnet-Shaped thing. Wait until it goes across to another platform with the opened vent above it. Jump on the platform and go in the vent. Look at the Blueprint to find where you are. First, go to the printer room and avoid the falling crates. Talk to the Hypnotized Poptropican and say the third response. (do it each time you see a Hypnotized Poptropican). Shut off the ears and she'll tell you to come with her. Get the password that comes out of the printer. Go to the Processing Room (get the Wire Cutters along the way) and get caught. You'll be sent to the Freezer. Click on the Security System and cut the wires with the wire cutters. Go back to the Processing Room. Disable all the Hypnotized Poptropicans. Go right and fall through the hole. Go right (don't get smashed or burnt) and get the bunny ears. Go up and put the bunny ears on. go through the door and go to the computer. Disable the Hypnotized Poptropican. Click on the computer and type in the password (fuzzybunny). Type in the command which is "launch rabbot". Steer Dr. Hare into 4 meteors. Go up the rope, talk to the mayor and get your Medallion! +100 credits. This is the end of part 1.

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