Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Popropica Counterfeit Island Full Walkthrough!!!!!!!

I made a new account and unlocked Counterfeit Island. I also made this video to show you what finished Counterfeit Island looks like! Pretty neat, huh? So I'll give you the walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is: First, go Down Town andgo into Bobo's Clown Shop & get a green balloon. Second, look in the trash cans & get the tickets. Then go to the Country side and give the ballon to the boy. Third, go in the Internet Cafe & talk to the man about the tickets & give them to him & he'll give you one. Go to the tour place and click on the gates. Fourth, get through the place and get out and talk to the man. Fifth, go to the museum & talk to the assistant curator. Sixth, sort the mixed up paintings in the right places. Cubism with Cubism, Realism with Realism, Expressionism with Expressionism and Impressionism with Impressionism. Seventh, go into the Forgery Detection Lab Click on the Station 1 and click on the 4th one, Then the autograph on the middle one and the moon on the last one. Eighth, click on the second station and oil is green, pink, blue, pink. You figure out the other ones. The Assistant Curator will give you a key to the Supply Room. Ninth go in the Statue room & go in the other door and get close to the Supply Room and use the key. Go in and get part of the Torn Picture. Tenth, go out on top of the Moldy Baguette and get the part of the Torn Picture. Do the same top of the boat at the docks, on top of the Jazz Cafe, A light in the ancient tunnel, on top of the House on the Country side, you find the last one. Eleventh, go up the ladder in the ancient tunnel and click on the latch. Make the same picture as the Torn Picture. Then click the thing at the top. Twelfth, crawl under the window when the cop doesn't look out. Then get through the lasers by standing behind the statues. Then, get near the scream and the police will capture you. Pass the Lieinator & go to Bobo's Clown Shop. Thirteenth, go to the Security Office and take the picture of the guy. Fourteenth, go to the Jazz Cafe and the guy will go out the door. Ride the scooter to catch him. go chase him to the docks and he'll drop his card but, get away on a speedboat. Fifteenth, go to the musuem and get the package. Examine it & go to Early Poptropica Museum and talk to the curator [The lady with the glasses].She should give you a key. Sixteenth, go to the Country Side and use the key on the house. click on the place where the painting is peeled and it should be The Scream. Seventeenth, move the chair over to the guy. Eighteenth, go in the door and go through and Escape the Security Guards. Nineteenth, use the card on the top floor card scanner and the door will open. Twentieth, then catch all the paintings and when the Black Widow gets mad, twist the red lever and dodge the bombs. Twenty-First, go to the museum and speak to the curator and get the medallion. Hope it helped a LOT.

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