Sunday, October 11, 2009

Haunted House!!

Haunted House is out!
Walkthrough: First, chase the bat until you get the key. Once you have the key, go to the left and unlock the basement. Second, click the pipes so the boiler connects to the fireplace. Once you have done the pipe puzzle, jump on the boiler so you get the poison on the shelf. Third, enter the house from the stairs andgo up a floor. Once you have done that, run over the knight so he drops his chisel. Then, open the refrigerator and chisel the ice out. Fourth, go up on the third floor, click the spider and get the witch's broom. Fifth, fly up the the attic and click the treasure chest do the puzzle, and get the chalice. Sixth, go to the bedroom and click the clocks on the fireplace,and wait till both of them reach midnight. Seventh, grab the lantern from the fireplace, talk to the cat on the bottom floor, and go into the basement. Eighth, go under the stairs and fill the lantern with Keroskine. Ninth, go outside to the graves and go in the big hole on the right of the statue of Betsey Blue and you've WON!!

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